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Cargo Operation
Kindly note the change of timings for Export Cargo as follows :-
Pursuant upon issance of  Public Notice No. 05/2010 vide C.NO.VIII/12/ACE/Tech/21/10 DATED 07.4.2010 by the Commissioner of Customs, Air Cargo Export, New Customs House. IGI Airport, New Delhi-37 , entry of export cargo carrying vehicles at Export In-gate stands revised as under w.e.f. 08.04.2010. The timings of various export related activities shall be observed as under :
1. Issuance of TSP Receipts (From Celebi TSP                     From 0900 to 1430hrs.                
    Counters for Manual SB,BD Etc.)
2. Entry of Export Cargo carrying                                               Upto 24 Hrs. 
    Vehicle Thru ' Export In-Gate
3. Off-Loading and admittance of Export Cargo                     Upto 24 Hrs . 
    From Truck Dock to Customs Exam Area
4. Customs and Celebi MOT Applicable On Holidays            From 1100 to 1630hrs. 
    And MOT shall not be entertained on working days.
5. Truck Dock Gates No.3 and 7 shall be kept Open              Round the Clock. 
6. Truck Dock Gates No.4,5,6 and 10 shall be                        Round the Clock. 
     kept Open
    The Circular issued C.NO VIII(12)ACC/TECH/131/10 DATED 23.09.2010 Stands Revised as mentioned above.
(a)   In view of suggestions from various stake holders i.e. DIAL, DCCAA, ACCAAI, BAR(I) and CELEBI, the public notice no. 3/2010 dt. 16.3.10  is modified as below as far as it relates to timings of Export Shed.
(b) The Customs staff report to duty by 11.00 AM.
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