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  • Ø  All users of the Cargo Terminals are requested to follow prescribed procedures / system. Whenever required, they may seek guidance from Duty Manager.

    Ø  Cargo Terminal is restricted to bona fide / genuine users only. PIC / Entry Pass issued by CTO allow entry into designated area only. Daily Entry Pass should be preserved till leaving the terminal. Entry Pass is to be shown to security personnel on demand.

    Ø  Any unauthorized persons gaining entry into the Terminal shall be treated as Trespassers and dealt with accordingly. Trespassers can be fined upto Rs. 500/- in addition to prosecution.

    Ø  Individuals carrying brief cases, bags etc. are required to keep the same with them. No such luggage should be left unattended or unidentified. Such unidentified items shall be removed by the security personnel for handing over to concerned Police authorities.

    Ø  Permanent Photo Identification card holders must display their passes for identification during their stay in the Cargo Terminal premises.

    Ø  Passengers / Importers / Agents have to personally supervise opening and re-packing of their consignments and ensure proper locking / repacking etc., by packers in their presence.

    ·         Importers / Exporters should not remove any item from their cargo until physical delivery of consignments is effected by CTO.

    ·         Voluntary distribution of items from package during examination or anytime within Cargo Terminal is unauthorized and prohibited. Offenders shall be legally prosecuted.

    Ø  All vehicles should be parked strictly in the designated parking areas. Vehicles parked else where shall be towed away.

    Ø  Passengers / Importers / Exporters who wish that the clearance work of their cargo should be handled by an Agent, they should ensure that the agent is licensed Customs House Agent (CHA). They may check the Photo Identity Card issued by Customs to Agents to ensure integrity. Only Customs approved Clearing Agents are allowed to conduct business in the Cargo Terminal apart from importers, exporters and passengers.

    Ø  Any damage caused to CTO property due to negligence of importers / exporters / agents shall be recovered to the extent of cost of loss / damage apart from imposing penalty.

    Ø  Smoking / spitting in the Cargo Terminal premises is strictly prohibited. Any violation shall be sternly dealt with including imposition of fine / penalty.

    Ø  Users are requested to deposit / inform about lost or found articles to the Duty Manager / Security Manager.

    Ø  The users are requested to bring to the attention of supervisor / Senior Officers any irregularity or harassment faced while carrying business at the Cargo Terminal.

    Ø  Visitors / users of the Terminal, who desire to give any suggestion may use Suggestion Boxes available near the Shift Duty Manager's room or handover the same to the officer in charge of Export / Import / Baggage unit or to the General Manager (Cargo).

    Ø  The Cargo Terminal is manned round the clock by shift-duty officer who may be contacted for any assistance beyond office hours at the following telephone numbers: -Shift Duty officer :011-25601001 , 011-25601244 , 011-25601000

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